About Hemp Healix

Hemp Healix was founded on the principles of quality, flavor and experience.  Not all hemp cigarettes are created equal and at Hemp Healix we strive for the best.  Using a proprietary milling process with a combination of grade A hemp flower and small bud biomass our cigarettes precisely burn even and offer a large smooth drag.

Hemp Healix is not your average CBD Cigarette Brand

Ever wonder why hemp cigarettes taste so different from brand to brand?  The reason is there are a lot more factors that go into providing the perfect smoke.   Most hemp cigarettes on the market are made with cheap biomass which may contain seeds (ever light a hemp cigarette and hear a pop? That’s a seed) Even worse some companies use the trash material from CO2 extractors and add cbd isolate.   At Hemp Healix we find the highest quality hemp flower that has been cured in a humidity and temperature-controlled environment and mix it with our small bud biomass to create the perfect blend of lime green material, perfect burn and pure satisfaction after the drag. 

Quality Products Packed Full Of Cannabinoids

With our proprietary blend and process Hemp Healix provides one of the highest levels of cannabinoids per cigarette on the market.   At over 140mg of cannabinoids per cigarette and our star cut filter allowing for maximum drag you will be hard pressed to find a smoother and stronger cigarette on the market.