What are Non Nicotine Cigarettes

Non Nicotine Cigarettes

March 23, 2023 9:33 pm

What are Non Nicotine Cigarettes?

Non Nicotine Cigarettes are cigarettes free from nicotine since they are not made up of tobacco.  Non Nicotine Cigarettes are also known as herbal cigarettes but instead made of herbs and plant materials combined together to produce an enticing flavor.

Contrary to tobacco-filled cigarettes, non nicotine cigarettes are not habit-forming. However, they are considered no less harmful than regular cigarettes since they contain tar, carbon, and carcinogens which are harmful for the human body.


Are There Cigarettes Without Nicotine?

Yes, there are Cigarettes without Nicotine. Cigarettes without nicotine are now present in the market. While manufacturers continue to press their safety profile as being naturally made, health experts warn the public that any kind of smoke that enters the lungs is never healthy.

Another benefit that the cigarette industry shares about their non nicotine cigarettes is how they can aid heavy smokers to quit their habit of smoking. However, this is apparently unsupported by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) due to the lack of scientific evidence for such an effect.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) continues to require all packs of cigarettes to carry a label that warns the public that cigarette smoking is dangerous to health regardless if they are tobacco or non nicotine cigarettes.

Is Nicotine Naturally Found In Cigarettes?

No, Nicotine is not naturally contained in cigarettes. It is a substance extracted from tobacco, the most common ingredient in regular cigarettes.

Tobacco is typically shredded and processed in specific conditions and then filled in a roll of cigarette paper. It is mixed with several other ingredients for added flavor.

Nicotine is what constitutes the addictive factor in tobacco cigarettes. Even e-cigarettes which are not made of tobacco are classified by the FDA as tobacco products due to the amount of nicotine they have.

It is important to note that nicotine is not the only health-hazardous ingredient included inside cigarettes. Smoking any plant and allowing carbon monoxide to enter the bloodstream, when it is supposed to be filled with oxygen, is also a cause for health risk.

Is There A Cigarette With No Nicotine?

Yes, there are cigarettes with no nicotine, and these are particularly those that do not use tobacco as a cigarette filler. Non nicotine cigarettes consist of herbs and are known to have no nicotine content.

However, non nicotine cigarettes in specific countries contain different chemical formulations and some ingredients remain unknown. A number of reports have noted that some of those marketed as natural, organic, and non nicotine cigarettes still contain an element of nicotine inside them.

For instance, non nicotine cigarettes from China are discovered to have a mix of tobacco inside, unlike those in Europe and US where nicotine is completely omitted.

The challenge brought by herbal cigarettes getting popular in the market is using the term nicotine-free in their ads yet levels of other toxic chemicals such as tar are increased, or an amount of nicotine is still used.

This leaves the health experts strongly persisting that all cigarettes are harmful. Nicotine is not the only cause of the matter. The act of smoking, itself, is a huge problem in the first place.

They also added that the safest way to quit smoking is to seek medical supervision. Medications and therapies are great means in cutting off tobacco addiction. Resorting to substitute cigarettes whose ingredients are different from what they claim to be may only cause another problem.

The following are the cigarettes which do not contain any ingredient of nicotine inside them:

Flavored herbal cigarettes

Cigarettes which omit tobacco as an ingredient rely on herbs and plants as a substitute. In order to sustain a pleasurable experience without the nicotine, manufacturers use certain ingredients to eliminate the bitterness of the stick.

For instance, clove, cinnamon, and mint are the top choices for this play of taste. The Royal Swag cigarettes is one of the brands that advertise their 100% nicotine-free cigarettes with these set of flavors to enjoy.

However, the FDA has recently proclaimed that menthol and other added flavors in cigarettes are prohibited because of the fatal risk they can cause to one’s health. For this reason, flavored cigarettes are not sold in the US, although they can be accepted in other countries.

Green tea cigarettes

Green tea cigarettes are made of green tea leaves and herbs and have no component of nicotine. It has been popularly used in Vietnam for decades already, and is part of an all-natural method of quitting cigarette smoke as introduced by Ranko Tutulugdzija, an acupuncturist.

There is no scientific evidence so far that proves the health benefits of smoking green tea. However, Tutulugdzija emphasizes the difference that omitting nicotine makes when smoking. It could downgrade the addiction into a habit which is much easier to break. He claims that he has received positive feedback after introducing green tea cigarettes in only a matter of two months.

Despite this, the FDA has not supported any of these claims yet. Although green tea alone can be beneficial to one’s health, the effects of smoking remain uncertain and further studies are still needed to fully support Tutulugdzija’s point of view.

Where Can I Buy Non Nicotine Cigarettes?

There is a huge variety of non nicotine cigarettes sold in physical stores and online. And the major problem this brings is how they can be purchased without an age limit since they are not classified as tobacco products.  Hemp Healix always confirms that buyers are of legal age to purchase on our online store.

What Can I Replace Nicotine With?

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is a way of using nicotine gum, patches, spray, inhalers, and lozenges to replace smoking nicotine from tobacco cigarettes. These items have already been approved by the FDA to aid anyone who decides to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

When a person decides to quit smoking, they have to immediately replace their usual dose with any of these items to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Heavy tobacco users are prone to experiencing withdrawal when they quit.

This method has already established a reputation of being safe and effective in helping people get past their tobacco addiction. While there are individuals who may successfully overcome the habit without NRT, heavy users may enjoy their benefit the most especially when they are coupled with behavioral therapies.

Do hemp cigarettes have nicotine?

Hemp cigarettes, also known as CBD cigarettes, are free from nicotine components. They are made of hemp, a variety of Cannabis which is known to have high cannabidiol (CBD) and low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This makes it a great alternative for smoking tobacco cigarettes.

They are non-addictive, and their high levels of CBD make them exude a calming effect when smoked. However, they are not risk-free. Research studies have shown conflicting effects of  CBD cigarettes therefore; it remains uncertain as to how far they can be safe.

A little evidence has shown that smoking hemp cigarettes may strain the lungs and that they can cause a negative effect on the liver. They also have the potential to cause cancer and other respiratory infections.

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