What is the shelf life of CBD cigarettes?

Shelf Life Of CBD Cigarettes

March 23, 2023 9:44 pm

What is the shelf life of CBD cigarettes?

The shelf life of an unopened pack of CBD cigarettes is one to two years from the date it was manufactured. Those which were already exposed to light and heat can stay fresh for only a few more weeks since the time they were opened.

Wild Hemp states that large CBD cigarette manufacturers are particular about distributing their products past the two-year mark from the date of their production. This is because the quality of CBD cigarettes deteriorate over time especially when certain standards as to how they should be stored are not met.


What are the factors which affect the shelf life of CBD cigarettes?

Hera are the are factors which affect the shelf life of CBD cigarettes:


Oxygen is an element which destroys the cannabinoids (CBD) and other important chemicals included in the cigarette which sustain their potency and flavor. Just as how chips lose their crisp when exposed to the air, CBD cigarettes may also lose their pungent taste and calm-inducing nature when not properly sealed.


Exposure to sunlight is not ideal to keep the CBD cigarettes in its original quality. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be so harmful that it can cause great damage to the components of the CBD cigarettes. In fact, the product can potentially lose the amount of CBD it contains when it gets directly exposed to the sun.


Too much heat or cold can cause a major impact on the freshness of the CBD cigarettes. The fragile particles which contribute to the pleasurable experience of smoking CBD can be destroyed by extreme temperature. There is also a huge tendency for molds and mildew to develop with exposure to high temperature.


Humidity is the state where moisture commonly occurs. This factor also breaks down the important elements in the CBD cigarettes, eventually leading them to brittle or even grow molds. For places where a humid atmosphere is usual, the cigarettes can be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature no higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is there an expiry date for CBD cigarettes packages?

Yes, CBD cigarettes have an expiry date, although not all cigarette packages show them. Contrary to popular belief, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require expiration dates to be indicated among CBD product labels.

However, the expiration date is necessary to determine how long you, as a consumer, can possibly store the cigarettes with you. In case cigarette manufacturers choose to not indicate the date in their labels, you can do the following options:

  1. Scan the QR code placed on the pack of the CBD cigarette to identify the date it was manufactured. You can count 24 months after the date and this will serve as its expiration date.
  1. Check the online lab report of the specific CBD cigarette brand you purchased. Apart from showing the exact components of the product, this will also show you the date it was manufactured.

CBD cigarettes are known to be at their best quality when consumed within a year from the date of manufacturing. This is when most of their therapeutic effects can be fully enjoyed. It would be a good idea to choose CBD cigarette brands which are federally certified and have earned five-star product reviews to ensure their quality.

Here are the benefits that are lost with expired CBD cigarettes:

Therapeutic benefits

The experience of feeling relaxed and calmed by smoking may not be enjoyed at its peak. This is because the power of the substance to induce these feelings may no longer be that strong. Time has a certain way of naturally destroying the chemical components of CBD which impacts its reduced therapeutic benefit.

Flavor and scent

CBD cigarettes will lose their enticing scent and flavor which are factors that most CBD users enjoy when they smoke. A distinct difference can be observed between the aroma of a newly opened fresh pack and one that has been long stored in the cupboard. The taste will definitely have a similar effect.

Despite this loss of consistency, CBD cigarettes do not typically go bad to the point that consuming an expired pack can pose serious health risks. It may likely cause an upset stomach but it rarely goes beyond anything severe. However, when occasions of nausea and vomiting persist, it would be best to seek medical help right away.

Do CBD cigarettes go bad?

Yes, CBD cigarettes can go bad. However, they rarely cause harm to your health unless you have an immunodeficiency disorder.

Bad CBD cigarettes refer to those which are already infested with molds. When moist, air, and heat enter your CBD packs, they can potentially grow molds that can be hard to identify unlike those that appear in bread.

Your nose can tell you that molds are infesting your cigarettes before your eyes will do. There is an odd stench that comes with expired CBD cigarettes and you can distinctly spot this difference from your usual packs. Specks of silver and white cotton-like layers will also be observed around the cigarette sticks.

Even when you try to remove the moldy part of the cigarette, it is still best to discard them entirely because definitely, they will not taste good and also, they will be a threat to your health. If you happen to smoke it though, the risks are not fatal. However, you will still potentially suffer from unpleasant conditions.

Taking in molds may cause an inflammation in the lungs or sinuses that can result in sinus pain, congestion, as well as wheezing. Those who have allergies on molds are highly susceptible for these illnesses.

Research has shown that hemp plants, the source of CBD cigarettes, may potentially grow fungi that can be harmful to health. However, with proper storage in mind, this can be completely avoided.

Do CBD cigarettes expire?

Yes, CBD cigarettes do expire, although this does not exactly indicate that they are completely unusable anymore. When properly stored, they can still be consumed as long as their taste, scent, and color remain in good quality.

CBD cigarettes are not like milk which turns sour over due time. However, old CBD cigarettes do lose their consistency and may not have similar therapeutic effects as when they are newly released in the market.

They also do not cause any hazard to health if they are consumed past their expiration date. Storage is an essential factor that can keep them usable long-term. Other than that, the way they were processed by cigarette manufacturers also has an impact on how long they can stay fresh and good for use.

It is important to note that even before they reach their 24-month long shelf life or even the one-year freshness standard where they can be best consumed, they may still turn bad. Molds may start to infest them and when smoked, they can cause coughing and nausea to some people.

How do you know when CBD cigarettes have expired?

Here are the signs of expired CBD cigarettes:

  • The texture of the cigarette turns brittle.
  • The color appears brown or yellow.
  • The scent becomes weaker.
  • The taste becomes extremely unpleasant.

When these signs begin to manifest, it would be best to keep them out of use. You may not necessarily throw them since the plant itself can still act as a good fertilizer for your garden. However, when molds are already present, you can dump them straight into the trash bin.

How to store CBD cigarettes so they don’t go bad

Storing CBD cigarettes properly does not only prevent molds from infesting it, but also aids in preserving CBD cigarettes potency and flavor. You can fully enjoy a pleasurable smoking experience when you keep them in an environment which separates them from the elements that destroy their essential particles. After buying CBD cigarettes you should avoid exposure to oxygen, light, temperature, and humidity.

Here are the steps to store CBD cigarettes so they don’t go bad

Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight

Make sure that you keep them in a dark place where heat and light are not able to penetrate them. You can store them in a cupboard or in a closet. But the best course of action would still be to consume the whole pack as soon as possible, especially when you have already opened it.

Store them in a cool, dry place

You may place them at room temperature but not that long. The most ideal temperature would still be no less than 25° Celcius. While others find the fridge as an ideal storage, the risk of causing them to be moist is likely. You may do so as long as you place them in an airtight container.

Keep them tightly sealed

This is to avoid air from perforating them, which causes them to brittle and even turn moist. Their packages are already ideal especially when they remain unopened. You just have to ensure that they are dry and kept in a dark place. Others would also recommend mason jars or tight-sealing plastic bags as an ideal storage alternative.