What is the best Smoking Alternative

What is the best Smoking Alternative

What is the best Smoking Alternative?

There are several effective alternative to smoking. We will touch on a few options that will help you quit nicotine tobacco for good. Our first option Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is a great alternative. NRT can include several options including nicotine patches, lozenges, and gum, alongside other prescription nicotine and prescription non-nicotine stop-smoking drugs. Lozenges, nicotine gum, inhalers, or nasal sprays are short-acting therapies that help to avoid massive cravings for cigarettes. What makes these short-acting therapies a great option for smokers is the fact that they can be used alongside long-term therapies like nicotine patches in order to overcome intense nicotine cravings.


How safe are the alternative smoking cigarettes?

Alternatives to smoking cigarettes like NRT are completely safe. More research is being conducted regarding this, however, so far, it can be concluded that NRT therapies help reduce the need to smoke cigarettes greatly, according to Neily Zakiyah of NIH. With therapies like these, you will receive measured and small doses of nicotine instead of being flooded with nicotine in your bloodstream. NRT, which includes nicotine products like lozenges, gums, inhalers, and nicotine patches, is completely safe to use. Of course, you will experience a couple of mild and common side effects, which are completely natural. But, unlike cigarettes, the side effects don’t stay that long and usually die down after some time. A nicotine patch is the safest option since it is a steady-response product. The patch, which gets attached to the skin, gives a consistent nicotine dose. On the other hand, gums and lozenges are usually quick-response options that give you an instant dose of nicotine when you are craving it intensely. Either way, these smoking alternatives are safe and can be purchased from pharmacies, convenience stores, and supermarkets without any doctor’s prescription.

Is nicotine replacement therapy a good alternative to smoking?

Yes, nicotine replacement therapy is a good alternative to smoking. NRT is a medically approved approach for avoiding tobacco use. It promotes taking nicotine in other ways than tobacco. In fact, it increases the chances of quitting cigarettes by 55%. As you might already know, nicotine is the primary addictive element in tobacco. When you smoke, your body gets used to consuming nicotine and once you quit, you experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms since your system constantly craves the nicotine. Thus, NRT is a safe treatment that gives nicotine to users without the other harmful constituents in tobacco, according to Andrew Molyneux of NIH. This treatment relieves the withdrawal symptoms of the body so that you can concentrate on reliving the psychological aspects. NRT comes in many forms like lozenges, gums, inhalers, and patches, and these therapies double the odds of you quitting smoking. One of the reasons why NRT works so well is because it helps reduce the physical symptoms of nicotine. However, in order to combat the psychological factors as well, it is recommended to pair NRT with other therapies like support groups.

What alternative help stop the cravings of Smoking?

A nicotine patch is an alternative that helps stop the cravings for smoking. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which fill your bloodstream with nicotine and other harmful chemicals from tobacco, nicotine patches only supply measured doses of nicotine in a steady manner to your bloodstream. The strength of the patch gets reduced with time, allowing you to get off the nicotine gradually. This helps in navigating through the intense cravings instead of being completely cut off. With nicotine patches, you can start with a higher dose and gradually keep on coming down to a lower dose until you no longer have to use the patch. These patches are very much preferred since they are a controlled approach to tobacco use, helping adult smokers to quit more naturally and steadily and go into smoking abstinence.

What are some alternatives for giving up smoking?

There are several alternatives for giving up smoking habits like NRT which includes options like gums, patches, lozenges, inhalers, and nasal sprays. On the other hand, there are also options like hemp cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and vaping. Ultimately, it depends on the individual which method will work the best for them. Sometimes, mixing and matching a couple of therapies help the most in dealing with the cravings.

Types of Smoking Alternatives

Here are some of the different types of smoking alternatives:


Vaping requires you to inhale a heated oil. For that, you need a mod, which is an oil vaporizer, which will pull the oil over heated coils, causing it to vaporize. This form of smoking has become quite popular since it offers a whole of flavors, which make it easier to control yourself from smoking cigarettes. Another reason why vaping is often recommended is that, unlike cigarettes, there’s no concept of “finishing a smoke”. You can just take a puff once every few minutes instead of going for a complete cigarette break.

Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes are some of the best alternatives to smoking tobacco. They give the exact same experience as smoking a tobacco cigarette; they look the same, feel the same, and are marketed the same way. However, hemp cigarettes are a healthier option. The elements in hemp cigarettes come from the hemp plant, which has a compound called Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD has several health benefits, according to Lucile Rapin of NIH, and allows smokers to quit tobacco cigarettes.

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches are a great way to combat physical addictions. These patches get attached to your skin and give a steady dose of nicotine throughout the day. This reduces chemical dependency and allows you to avoid major nicotine withdrawals.

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gums are a great way to deal with the oral nicotine addiction of smoking cigarettes. You can take these gums anywhere and most importantly, these gums allow you to have a natural progression, where you can shift to natural chewing gums over time and go nicotine-free.


Exercise allows you to release dopamine and keep your hands busy, distracting you from wanting a cigarette. It does not have to be restricted to the gym only. You can go backpacking, running, kayaking, or any other adventurous activity. Instead of cigarettes, you will become addicted to exploring new places. Moreover, exercise encourages an overall active lifestyle, allowing you to get better sleep and have a better attitude.

Healthy Snacking and Dieting

Studies have shown that when trying to quit tobacco, people end up binge-eating unhealthy foods, as a way of dealing with their cravings for nicotine. However, that’s not much help since it greatly poses other health risks. Instead, go for healthier options like nuts, fruits, or vegetables. These options will keep you full, and reduce your cravings so that you do not binge on unhealthy items.


Taking up new hobbies is often the best way to keep your mind off of cigarettes. One of the reasons why cigarettes are so popular is because they’re highly addictive and it’s difficult to quit them. Nicotine releases dopamine in our brains, allowing us to feel happy and relaxed. Thus, you need an equally engrossing hobby that will reel you in and make you want to spend time on it instead of smoking. It can be anything from drawing, reading, and gaming, to winemaking, woodwork, or just about any fun activity. The idea is to keep your mind occupied and satisfied with something.

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