Which CBD is best to quit smoking

Which CBD is best to quit smoking?

Which CBD is best to quit smoking?

The best CBD to quit smoking all depends on what suits your needs.A lot of people are attached to smoking tobacco cigarettes because of their main ingredient, nicotine, which can be addictive. However, this is not the only factor that makes it difficult to quit smoking. Smoking behaviors such as grabbing a stick, puffing smoke, or even gathering with a peer of smokers are also habits that can be too hard to break.

While it is possible for some smokers to quit smoking without any aid, this is not the case for most people. Fortunately, the use of cannabidiol (CBD) has made promising outcomes in helping individuals overcome their habit of smoking, and there are a lot of CBD products now available in the market for you to choose from.

However, before you decide which product to use to achieve your goal, you have to consider the following things:

  1. Choosing CBD smoking alternatives can help you decrease your dependence on nicotine without letting go of smoking behaviors, a factor which can trigger smoking. You can switch to CBD sublinguals or edibles later on to modify your smoking behaviors.
  2. If your smoking behaviors do not cause you any major problem when you quit smoking, then you can proceed taking CBD sublinguals or edibles directly.

Now you can weigh down your options more specifically by identifying the advantages and disadvantages of these CBD products relevant in quitting smoking.


CBD smoking alternatives
This includes a choice between smoking CBD cigarettes or vaping CBD e-cigarettes. The main advantage of CBD smoking alternatives is their capability to take effect in as fast as a few seconds.

When you crave tobacco, you can smoke CBD and it resolves the problem, unlike using oil which can take effect after about 20 minutes and edibles where you have to wait for about 2 hours to feel them work.

However, CBD smoking alternatives can cause health risks especially with prolonged use. Any smoke that goes to the lungs can always cause harm. Plus, there are carcinogens contained in these alternatives. Between CBD cigarettes and e-cigarette, vaping is a safer option, although not 100% safe.

CBD sublinguals
CBD oil or tinctures are classified under sublinguals, and this kind of application makes it easier for CBD to enter the bloodstream and induce its effect way faster than CBD edibles. It is also a flexible item that you can mix with your food and drinks.

Compared to CBD smoking alternatives, sublinguals are safer since they keep your lungs protected and they are free from carcinogens which are harmful to health. However, you have to ensure that the type of oil you choose does not trigger allergic reactions as it typically does to certain people.

CBD edibles
The most popular CBD edibles are the gummies, although there are more options available such as chocolate and honey. What makes the edibles extremely friendly for use is that they can come in a variety of flavors which anyone can definitely enjoy. They can also be applied discreetly anytime and anywhere. They are even a suggested method for first time CBD users.

However, they could come at a more expensive cost compared to CBD oil mostly because a greater effort is exerted in making them appear more flavorful. They are also long-acting, which means you can only feel their effects in at least half an hour or up to two, depending on the brand you are taking. They also contain high sugar which may not be good for some people.

How much CBD should I take to stop smoking?

You should start off with the lowest dose possible, ideally with 12 to 15 mg per day. If it works well for you, you can stick to this level until you experience significant results. Otherwise, you can slowly increase it – in about 5 mg per week – until you experience its positive impact.

CBD products do not particularly recommend a dosage in their labels since there are several factors which affect their impact to their users. This includes weight, metabolism, and even the degree of withdrawal symptoms you experience when you quit smoking.

If you are unsure about how to start, you can always consult a physician who is an expert on CBD prescriptions.

Can CBD help with nicotine addiction?

Yes, CBD helps with nicotine addiction, and for those who suffer with severe nicotine addiction, an effective treatment would include behavioral therapies in conjunction with CBD methods.

Although further studies are still needed to fully prove the efficacy of CBD in treating nicotine addiction, a preliminary study has already shown that tobacco users have actually reduced their cigarette use by 40% after taking a CBD treatment, particularly using CBD inhalers.
The therapeutic function of CBD also aids tobacco users to resist their urge of using cigarettes during stressful situations. A study among Wistar rats has proven that the substance can potentially destroy the strong association between psychological triggers of addiction and the act itself, resulting in a more controlled response to cravings.

Is CBD good for quitting?

Yes, CBD is good for quitting. Its non-psychoactive essence as a potent cannabinoid contributes greatly in weakening an individual’s attentional bias to cigarette stimuli. It has even shown significant results compared to the use of placebo during treatment.

Attentional bias refers to occasions of an increased urge to smoke after witnessing visual triggers to smoke. These triggers include seeing a cigarette or seeing people who use cigarettes.

This factor magnifies with separation from the substance, resulting in intensifying cravings, and eventually progressing to relapse or continuous substance use. This mechanism clearly explains why a lot of people struggle to quit smoking.

With CBD’s potential in controlling attentional bias, there is a high chance for individuals to quit smoking. They are less likely to be easily affected by visual triggers and less likely to experience a strong urge to smoke again. This can be a great start in reducing the number of cigarettes regularly smoked in a day.

However, it is also important to choose CBD products that are proven to have high-quality. There are many items now available in the market which do not truthfully reveal their real components. The following qualifications can assure you that the quality of CBD product you will use is effective in aiding you for quitting:

  • The products contain THC levels not higher than 0.3%.
  • The brand comes from a trusted manufacturer.
  • The products pass federal standards and are certified.
  • The items come with third-party lab tests.

Does CBD help quit smoking nicotine?

Yes, CBD helps you quit smoking nicotine. One of the major reasons why people struggle to quit smoking is because of the ordeal induced by withdrawal. Alternatives like CBD cigarettes, most important function is to reverse the impact of the withdrawal symptoms caused by the absence of nicotine.

CBD’s therapeutic element aids in relieving chronic pain, boosting mood, promoting quality sleep, and inducing a healthy cardiovascular function. WIth the use of CBD methods, you are limiting the amount of nicotine in your body without causing it too much strain.

CBD technically works by reactivating the natural neurotransmitters in your body without the influence of nicotine. This results in a pleasant coordination of functions between the brain and the body, making withdrawal more manageable and easier to endure.

On top of that, CBD’s anxiolytic properties help you feel more relaxed without getting intoxicated. All these can meaningfully help you in taking small steps towards fully recovering your nicotine dependence.

Can CBD gummies help you stop smoking cigarettes?

Yes, CBD gummies help you stop smoking cigarettes. They are mostly appealing because of the variety of flavor they offer, and the convenience of using them anytime and anywhere.

The CBD factor among gummies is what makes them ideal as an aid in stopping smoking. The following are the benefits a person can get with using CBD gummies.

Reduce tension
Tense situations trigger the urge to smoke. CBD gummies regulate your response to stress, making you feel more calm and at ease. It also provides relief from inflammation which causes headache and body pain during withdrawal. Overall, it makes the symptoms of withdrawal lighter to bear.

Control cravings
Cravings to smoke intensify especially when nicotine abstinence begins. CBD gummies aid in reducing the value of environmental triggers in influencing a person to smoke again. Some people even witness a reduced use of cigarettes in just a few weeks of taking gummies. The most valuable function of CBD here is its potential to improve focus and clarity of mind.

Boost mood
CBD inhibits tendencies for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, symptoms which can magnify with detachment from nicotine. The substance helps increase the levels of dopamine in the body without reaching an addictive euphoria or high. It simply makes one feel more relaxed and relieved.

Promote wellness
CBD improves the endocannabinoid system in the body. This is the system which typically manages important functions of our health such as our emotions, our immunity against infections, sleep quality, and more. As the substance strengthens the wellness of mind and body, quitting smoking can be imminent in the long run.